Project Advisors

Tamara Ball

Baskin School of Engineering and Department of Education

University of California Santa Cruz


Dr. Tamara Ball is a project scientist with the Baskin School of Engineering and the Sustainable Engineering and Ecological Design (SEED) collaborative at UCSC. She is interested in understanding how extracurricular and co-curricular innovations can support meaningful campus-community connections in higher education and improve learning outcomes.  Her research  has focused on educational designs that emphasize student initiative and agency through inquiry or problem-based learning. She has published several papers on the characteristics of learning environments that support or constrain opportunities for any students (including those from non-dominant backgrounds) to participate in valued science and engineering process skills such as scientific argumentation.

Affiliated UCSC Faculty

Mike Isaacson (Baskin School of Engineering)
Ronnie Lipschutz
Adam Millard-Ball
Jennifer Parker (Art Dept. Chair)